Early Morning Scene | Village | Town

Early Morning Scene | Village | Town

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An Early Morning Scene in My Village

Early Morning Scene | Village | Town

➤ Our village has mostly thatched houses and therefore the walls are made from mud. once we awaken within the morning, the soft and tender light at the break of day greats our eyes and that we feel that dawn has broken, not only outside our life but also in our soul.

The morning temperature is welcome to the world , to the vegetable kingdom and to all or any living creatures. The cattle are looking forward to food. they're fed within the cattle-shed or they're remove to graze within the pastures.

At daybreak bird-life also awakes and therefore the air begins to be ringing with the music of birds. The breeze of the morning and therefore the temperature of the morning touched with the rays of the rising sun have a refreshing effect.

The trees, the streams, all seem to be newly created out of the darkness. The breeze of the morning seems to caress our bodies.

➤ Farmers leave with their ploughs and bullocks for his or her fields. The village maidens gather on the village wells with their earthen or metal pails.

The dew on the grass gives the impression of liquid pearls having been scattered with the lavish hands of bounteous nature.

Sometimes in hedges and other spots the dew drops form a bright charming cobweb. the world seems to breathe anew. We drink the first morning air and our lungs are refreshed.

➤ The rising sun may be a sight to ascertain . The sheets of sunshine that fall on earth and on every object of the world make us feel that the first morning scene may be a marriage of the sun with the world .

Every morning brings new energy to life and nature.

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An Early Morning Scene in My Town

Early Morning Scene | Village | Town

➤ All nature and all life are reborn every morning. Every morning is a glorious event. Our town has a population of several thousand people.

Big cities like Bombay, madras, Calcutta and Delhi have a population of several millions.

➤ It has been said that one touch of nature makes the whole world kin. Early Morning creates more or less the same impression on all living being in towns and in large cities.

It refreshes the whole earth and all earthly life.

➤ The rising sun creates a sense of splendor. Sunrise is a glorious sight. The solar energy gives new life to every object.

Action and movement begin in every place with the rise of the sun. The air is full of the music of birds. In the gentle breeze of the morning the vegetable world seems to dance with joy.

➤ The vegetable market begins to hum with life. There is brisk movement in every street and on every road. Laborers are seen walking in a hurry to the places where they work.

Many people take morning walks and are seen moving leisurely along or in groups on several roads.

➤ We, students, after the morning ablutions and breakfast, sit down to study. The earl;y morning scene, after the night's rest creates a sense of day's work in all of us.

The women are busy in the kitchen. The men are preparing to go to their offices. Cycles, rickshaws, tongas (tanga or Carriage), motor cars and other vehicles are seen plying on the roads.

vendors and peddlers are seen and heard shouting and crying their wares in every part of the town. Beggars begin their begging from early morning.

➤ The early morning scene in my town is a fairly crowded one. The scene in parks, lawns and other open spaces is aglow with light and life.

The flowers blossom, kissed by the rays of the sun. The mixed fragrance of flowers fill the air. The dew bedecks the grass and the leaves.

Some schools open in the morning. In temples morning worship is performed. Many people are seen going to the river for a dip. This is only a glimpse of the early morning scene in my town.

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