Brief Essay on Visit to a Circus

Brief Essay on Visit to a Circus

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Visit to a circus Brief Essay

Brief Essay on Visit to a circus

➽ Recently a travelling circus company visited our town. It had been wondering about the meaning of the word circus. A little thinking made the matter clear.

The word circus is allied with the word circle. A circus show is given in a circular place under a huge Shamiyana. This circular place is walled around with cloth curtains.

➽ I saw one of the shows with some members of my family. A circus show thrills our imagination more than any other entertainment.

One of the most exciting performances was cycling on steel wires, with the cycle and the rider's body so slanting that they ran parallel to the earth.

Then there were feats of gymnastics shown by circus girls at a height of about thirty feet. They hung their slim athletic bodies by swinging on small rods hanging from the top.

From one pole they would swing to the other pole. If they were too slow even by the fraction of a second they would fall down to their death.

Elephants and horses and a bear and some monkeys under their trainers played many tricks which amused, entertained and excited the lookers on. Then the lion tamer made the lion perform a few impressive tricks.

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➽ We held our breath during critical moments' of these performances. A touch of comedy was introduced by two clowns in motley dress with painted faces.

They performed many antics and the spectators went into peals of laughter at their clownish performance.

➽ A circus show, in  addition to being a piece of entertainment, sets in motion many silent thoughts and feelings in our minds and hearts.

It brings into intimate contact men and the lower animals. Love and training create a remarkable understanding between the human performers and the beasts.

Humanity comes very near and very close to the lower animals who, in turn, are so to say, humanized by this contacts. Facing dangers is demonstrated in a circus show.

The training of body and mind of which a circus show gives a proof is inspiring. We returned from the show greatly entertained and instructed. We shall remember the show for long.

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