Brief Essay on Two Happy Events of My life

Brief Essay on Two Happy Events of My life

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Two Happy Events of My life Essay

Brief Essay on Two Happy Events of My life
➦ Life abounds contrasts or in pairs of opposites : light and darkness, sunshine and shade, happiness and sorrow, success and failure, and these opposites appear in life in an unending series.

➦ My life could be no exception to this rule. I have had bad days and good days. One of the happiest events of my life was bout a year ago when after repeated requests my father bought me a bicycle.

Why does a boy feel so delighted when he, for the first time,  possesses a bicycle ? Freedom of movement or speed of movement or the mere conquest of distance has a thrill and excitement of its own. Young boys like moving about.

➦ I took only a few days to learn cycling. One secret of joy is to master and to conquer difficulties. Pain is caused by a sense of check and pleasure result from a sense of freedom and release.

To learn to balance myself on the seat of the cycle was a thrilling  experience. Pedaling gave me a pleasure similar to boating and rowing.

I seemed to move on air. Learning the tricks of cycling gave me great pleasure because it required a harmony and balance of mental as well as physical activity.

➦ My cycle enabled me to save time and labour n my journey to and from the college. I also make many pleasure trips on my bicycle.

My cycle gives me a sense of property and possession within proper limits; property and possession help to develop personality.

Some months ago, in company with some of my schoolmates and playmates I went on a cycling tour. we met with many adventures.

Gradually an intimate relationship akin to a feeling of personal friendship between myself and my bicycle has grown up within me. For these and other reasons, I call this event one of the happy events of my life.

➦ The second happy event of my life occurred when I saved a small boy from being manhandled by some students who were bullies.

They were teasing, harassing and threatening him just for the fun of seeing him in panic. This made my blood boil. And taking my courage in both hands I challenged his persecutors.

In the beginning they put up some fight but seeing that I was determined to stop their mischief they quietly slunk away. The boys was saved from cruel ragging and from a lot of other unknown fears.

➦ One of the happiest moments of my life was to see the feeling of relief on the face of the poor little boy who, a moment ago, had felt so helpless and frightened.

I was myself moved almost to tears at the sight. This was the second happy event of my life, the memory of which I shall always cherish and which is a source of unspeakable joy to me.

The possession of the bicycle had given me real joy. But rescuing a weak and helpless child from rough handling and saving him from a frightened condition gave me a higher kind of happiness.

It gave me a moral satisfaction, which is perhaps the only worthwhile thing which we can and should strive for.

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