Brief Essay on a Magic Show

Brief Essay on a Magic Show

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A Magic Show Brief Essay

Brief Essay on a Magic Show
➥ About a year ago a famous magician with his party of performers visited our town. His visit was widely advertised in the newspapers and by hand-bills.

Also the local cinemas advertised his visit. We were strongly tempted to see his performances. This is what we saw.

➥ Five naked swords with very sharp edges were fixed in wooden frames. One of the party of magicians with bare feet gave a dance on the swords.

His feet moved so nimbly, lightly and gracefully on the swords that he was not hurt at all. It was a wonderful exercise in the balancing of the body.

Had his dance been slightly slower he would surely have been hurt. His performance was loudly applauded.

➥ A pistol mounted on a small wooden cart was next brought in. It was fired by a parrot. Then another dancer danced on a vessel full of water to the brim.

Not a drop fell out of the vessel. The touch of the feet on the water was so light and quick that hardly a few ripples could have been created.

The same dancer gave a dance on burning and flaming coals without the slightest hurt to his feet. Another magician showed several tricks with playing cards.

➥ On the platform a zigzag line wad drawn with chalk. One of the magicians was brought blindfolded from behind the curtains and he walked across the stage exactly following the zigzag winding line.

➥ Then began the astounding performance of the chief magician. He made his daughter lie on the floor. He waved his hand across her body several times.

Gradually her body, unaided and unsupported, began to rise from the floor. It rose to a height of several feet in the air. It seemed as if she had lost her weight altogether.

The magician then requested the audience to look at their watches. By mysterious force all watches had stopped.

After several minutes of suspended time the watches began to move. This was marvelous indeed. Nobody could guess the secret of this magical performance.

➥ The last item was the most wonderful of all. The magician asked the audience to write out questions. Papers and envelopes were supplied.

Several people among the onlookers wrote questions and put them in the envelopes which were closed.

They were handed to the magician, who put them on the head of his daughter who was blindfolded. The magician had not seen the contents of the papers inside the envelopes.

But the girl was able to read out every question. It was a wonderful magic show and we left the place wondering how it was all done.

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