Brief Essay on Journey of The Bicycles

Brief Essay on Journey of The Bicycles

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Brief Essay on The Bicycle

Brief Essay on The Bicycles
➥ America and certain other advanced countries have more motor cars than we in India have Bicycles. Cycles are a luxury which even today only about five per cent of our people can afford.

Pandit Nehru on one occasion of opening of a cycle factory had said that the cycle age had arrived in India. This was clearly an exaggeration.

When about ninety per cent homes are without bicycles how can we claim that even the cycle age had come to our country? More than eighty per cent of our people go without shoes and woolen clothes.

They go without full and nourishing meals and other amenities and necessities of life which are far cheaper than cycles.

➥ If we think of the money spent, say over a period of ten years, on fares and hires which one may have to pay for conveyances, it may come to five thousand rupees for one man.

During this long period one good bicycle, lasting for the entire period with timely repairs, will cost less bicycle, lasting for the entire period with timely repairs, will cost less bicycle, lasting for the entire period with timely repairs, will cost less than one thousand rupees, including the cost of repairs and replacement of parts, and will save many thousand hours of time.

Without bicycles crores of our people have to waste millions of hours every day in going from place to place on foot.

➥ The cycle is one of the most useful inventions. About a hundred and fifty years ago there were no cycles in the world.

If and when nearly every home in India will have a bicycle, the daily life of crores of people will begin to move on wheels.

The speed of our national life and also the speed our mental life will be quickened.

➥ The freewheel, the rubber tubes and tyres, the well-designed frame, the tightly mounted seat, the pedals, the brakes, the bells, the metal frame of the wheels, the cycle lamp are all examples of the technological skill of the designers of this most remarkable, cheap and durable piece of locomotion.

➥ Cycle, in addition to being useful for many purposes, is also used for entertainment. There are cycle races, there is endurance cycling for a whole day or days together at a stretch, there are feats of gymnastics and circus and other tricks of cycling.

Cycle-rickshaws, motorcycles and scooters have all been evolved out of the original bicycle. But the cycle is still going strong and far outnumbers motorized two-wheelers.

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