Brief Essay on Historical Places in My state

Brief Essay on Historical Places in My state

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Historical Places in My state Essay

Short Essay on Historical Places in My state
➥ Every place on earth  has a history. Continuity and change are the laws of life. But history takes account of spectacular or very unusual changes and events.

The ancient Indians felt that the most important places which aroused the deepest passions and emotions in people should be away from India's border.

This was political military and cultural deface in depth. This is the reason why all our centers of tradition and our places of pilgrimage are in the middle of North India, all or almost all.

From Patna to Delhi, and from Kashmir to Madhya Pradesh, may be roughly styled the heart of Aryavarta.

➥ In a brief essay it is impossible to write the story of every place of historical importance we have in our State.

Varanasi or Kashi may be said to claim the place of honor as a city of historical importance. It is a city of temples and of bathing ghats.

Prayag, Mathura, Vrindaban, Gaya, Haridwar are places enshrined in the memories of our people from time immemorial.

➥ Also Ayodhya, Delhi or the old Hastinapur, and Lucknow are associated in the minds of our people with events of great political importance.

In Uttar Pradesh we have Saarnath, where the Buddha is said to have preached his first sermon. A few hours'railway journey from U.P. takes us to Gaya and to Pataliputra and Nalanda.

Each one of these places has been the scene of political and cultural significance.

➥ The places mentioned so far are historically of very great importance. The heroic age of India, as immortalized in the Ramayana and in the Mahabharata, is associated with these places.

Also the invasion of India by great foreign conquerors resulted in decisive battles in the heart of Aryavarta. Shankaracharya held his historically important discussion at Varanasi.

The Muslim rulers and the Indo-Muslim culture flourished in these parts. The first war of independence, half miscalled the Indian Mutiny, was fought  in the heart of Aryavarta.

My own state is Uttar Pradesh. But its boundaries were fixed for reasons of political convenience. When the expression 'historical importance' is used, my imaginations and my emotions recall places of historical importance in Uttar Pradesh and also some nearby places outside Uttar Pradesh.

But I have a feeling of guilt because, for lack of space, I have not been able to mention Agra, the City of Taj, and Fatehpuri Sikri, which had seen the glories of the reign of Akbar the Great.