Brief Essay on Electricity

Brief Essay on Electricity

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Electricity Brief Essay

Brief Essay on Electricity

➽ Electric lights and electric fans are among the blessings of modern science and technology. All over the world, by there mere switching of a plug in a power house, whole cities and towns and villages are lighted up and much needed breeze or air comes from ceiling fans, table fans and pedestal fans. Done by hand, this work will mean slave labour or drudgery for countless number of people. The cost will also be unimaginable.

➽ Lights and fans are not, however, the only blessings of electricity. Radio and television are other examples of the applied use of electricity. Electric heaters, electric devices for pressing clothes, electric trains, printing presses and other factories run by electric power are also important contributions of electricity, which have made life comfortable. Other uses of electricity can also be listed. Cinema houses cannot be run without electricity. Water works also depend upon electricity. Electric treatment cures many diseases and disorders. Technology can do almost anything with the help of electricity. Many other uses of electricity can be listed.

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➽ Ever since man appeared on the earth, he has needed power for various purposes. Man's bodily powers are limited. Cattle power also is slow, wasteful, insufficient and costly. Power to cross distances, to lift and move loads, to make machinery do the required work, power to conquer time and space for various other useful purposes were needed. Electricity has put immense power at man's disposal.

➽ Other sources of power such as petrol, coal and other forms of fuel are in danger of being used up within a century or so. If there were no electricity there would be, in a few decades, power famine all over the world. This would cause civilization to come to a standstill. Both literally and figuratively life will be plunged into darkness.

➽ Electricity is indispensable both in peace and war. One can only hope that man will see the wisdom of using electricity for creative and constructive purposes only, and also that man will see the unwisdom of using electricity for destructive purposes. Given lasting peace man can do wonders with electricity.

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