Brief Essay on A Cycle Tour

Brief Essay on A Cycle Tour

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A Cycle Tour Brief Essay

Brief Essay on A Cycle Tour
➥ It was a lucky accident that early in May last one of my college friends proposed that we would go on a cycle tour of about three weeks.

The idea caught on. Seven of us fell in with the idea. All preparations were made and very early on a Sunday morning we set out on our cycling tour of several hundred miles.

➥ Two of our class-fellows had a keen road sense. They served as the guides of the party. We had several maps of the roads with us.

We wanted to see first of all the marble rocks near Jabalpore. From Allahabad to Jabalpore the distance is about two hundred miles. We covered his distance in three days.

Every day we started an hour before dawn and cycled on for three hours, then we rested for the day. And again we set out about three hours before sunset. The heat was rather trying but it was bracing.

➥ We camped on our way under roadside or near roadside tree orchards. We had taken light bedding's with us.

At our resting places we brought the day's provision from nearby villages and did our cooking on a couple of stoves using light utensils.

We ate our meals on plantain leaves and in cups made of leaves. One of us was an excellent cook and with our aid prepared tempting dishes out of simple materials.

We spent the hours of rest talking, reading and playing such games as chess and cards, or solving crossword puzzles and other riddles printed in newspapers and magazines which we carried with us.

➥ Outdoor life was thoroughly enjoyable. The sights and sounds of then countryside were a feast for our eyes and ears.

The gentle breeze of the morning and evening gave a us a refreshing air bath. Our cycle tour aroused our spirit of adventure. We felt free the monotony of a sheltered life at home.

We had the chance of mixing freely with the common people. They had not the advantage of college education but by mixing with them we felt our common humanity and our common nationhood.

At last we reached the marble rocks and feasted our eyes, our minds and hearts and our souls with the grandeur of the rocks under moonlight.

➥ On our way back we passed through a few forests. We saw Saarnath where the Buddha had preached his first sermon and which has been made a beauty spot now. Our cycle tour ended after two weeks. It had greatly enriched our life.

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