Brief Essay on a College Student Function

Brief Essay on a College Student Function

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A College Function Brief Essay

Brief Essay on a College Student Function
➽ The founder's day celebration (function) at our college had a variety entertainment as one of the items. It was held at seven in the evening in the college hall.

The hall was full to capacity on this occasion. At one of its ends the college hall has a raised platform.

This was given the shape of a stage illumined by footlights. The curtain went up exactly at 6:30 p.m.

➽ The first item was the recitation of Vande Matram, sung by the girls of our college. The chorus song with soft background music was sweetly entertaining and impressive.

The dulcet accent of the song, the interplay of vowel and consonant sounds had an indescribable and magical effect on the listeners. This was followed by as dance programme.

The supple, sinuous bodies of our fellow girl students, as they danced with anklets tied to their feet, the swaying and circling of their bodies, the graceful raising of their arms and the appropriate gestures, the rhythmic movement of the dancers were greatly admired.

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➽ The next item was the scene of Shakuntala's leave-taking from the Rishi's hermitage. The acting of Shakuntala's part and the parts of her two maiden companions, the lay-out of the scene, Shakuntala's bidding farewell to the plants of the hermitage and to the scenes of her childhood and maidenhood were strikingly well-done.

➽ The last item was Prince Siddhartha in the royal palace at Kapilavastu on the eve of his departure. The scene in the bed room was touchingly majestic.

The Prince leaves stealthily his queen, his small son and all his family. It was the scene of great renunciation in the ancient history of India.

➽ The variety show was a short and sweet performance and did credit to all concerned. All of us left the hall with the feeling the we had a very enjoyable evening.

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