Brief Essay on Advice to Students

Brief Essay on Advice to Students

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Advice to Students Brief Essay

Brief Essay on Advice to Students
➽ A famous professor of English from the Allahabad University visited our college union at the invitation of our Principal. The students gathered in the Union Hall to listen to the distinguished visitor's inaugural address.

The Principal of our college who presided over the function introduced the speaker in a few brief and fitting words.

In the front row sat members of the staff and the managing committee of our college. Behind them, row after row, sat the students.

➽ The subject of the lecture was 'Advice to Students'. The speaker gave the place of greatest importance to the learning of English and the mother tongue.

Both these languages, he said, must be carefully learned and cultivated for purposes of understanding and expression. In his view the growth of the mind depends very largely on the learning of the language and on the growth of the powers of expression.

According to him efficiency in language is, therefore, of vital importance in the study not only of literature but of numerous other subjects such as Civics, Logic, History, Economics, Physics, Chemistry, Botany etc.

He stated very forcibly that one could not be strong in knowledge and understanding if one was weak and incompetent in language.

He characterized language as the key to mental development and intellectual progress. He pointed out, however, that good language should not mean showy language but clear and natural language.

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➽ He insisted that both in speech and in writing we should do our best to make our meaning clear. The speaker also stressed the value and importance of attention to details.

Clear handwriting, correct spelling, punctuation, the dotting of 'i' and cutting of 't', careful attention to grammar - all these, he would say, are important.

Carelessness, he described as an unpardonable sin. In spoken language clearness and correctness of pronunciation, the proper rise and fall of voice, pause at the right moment, well spoken words, phrases, clauses and sentences are things which, in his opinion should be very carefully attended to.

In his opinion, again, not only mental progress but all business in every department of life will suffer as a result of slipshod and careless expression.

the speaker would put it very clearly that language required careful and delicate handling and that efficiency in language is necessary not only for getting good jobs, but for retaining them, for winning favorable opinion of officers and superiors and for getting promotions.

➽ Some of the other points emphasized by the speaker related to the importance of health, the cultivation of character and discipline and to the development of a balanced life.

We listened to the thoughtful address of the speaker with eager attention. The speech made a lasting impression on our minds.

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