Brief Essay on Independence Day ; The 15th of August

Brief Essay on Independence Day ; The 15th of August

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The 15th of August Brief Essay

Brief Essay on Independence Day ; The 15th of August
➥ India celebrates every year on the 15th August her Independence day. On this date in 1947 India was reborn as a free country.

But our joy was marred because as a result of the partition of the country bloodshed on a wide scale took place in India and Pakistan.

Our freedom came to us bathed in blood and tears. It was the best of days, it was also the worst of days.

➽ Every year on 15th of August (which is a public holiday) a speech is delivered by the Prime minister from a rampart of the Red Fort in Delhi, after the unfurling of the national flag.

Soon after, it is unfurled in public institutions all over the country and there are radio and television coverage's of the occasion.

But as we are living in hard times our joy on the occasion is sober and chastened. Happy dates in a nation's life can be days of joy only if the nation's day-to-day life is marked by hope and contentment.

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➽ All the same we cannot belittle the significance of this day. It is a historical day. In their own interest the British rulers of India had introduced railways.

A  network of metalled roads, power-driven means of cheap and quick transport, English education, legislatures, a well-equipped army, a judiciary, a body of well-trained executive officers, a post and telegraph system, civil aviation, an air force, a police force and many other institutions.

All these also proved serviceable in making India a well-knit and united country. Without these India would have remained medieval and un-unified. They have proved useful for the political unity of India.

➽ There are things both on the debit side and on the credit side of free India. Price rise, black-marketing, bribery and corruption, waste, population explosion, increase in crimes, the falling of educational standard, adulteration of foods and medicines, occasional outbursts of communal frenzy are the main items on the debit side.

➽ On the credit side we have the Indian Constitution, generally peaceful elections, five-year plans, the expansion of India trade and industry, many creditable achievements of our scientists, engineers and technologists and the slight but noticeable rise in the standard of living of a sizable percentage of our people.

Agriculture, which is mainly a gamble in rainfall, is also looking up in free India. In free India public opinion is likely to find increasing recognition.

Encouragement of Indian art and literature's is an item on the credit side. India is now on the political map of the world and has a voice in matters of international importance.

A people grow the hard way. 'Thou straighteneth a nation, then enlargeth it again', says the Book of Job. On the 15th of August every year let us make up our mind to do our bit for the betterment of India.

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