Brief Essay on Industrial Exhibitions

Brief Essay on Industrial Exhibitions

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Industrial Exhibitions Brief Essay

Brief Essay on Industrial Exhibitions
Industrial Exhibitions are of great importance in the advancement of a country's economy.

Such exhibitions, now regularly held in Delhi, enable us to measure the extent of our own less advanced industrial progress and the mighty industrial power and progress of countries like the U.K., U.S.A. and the U.S.S.R.

whose pavilions are the centers of the greatest attention and attractions. It is an education for tens of thousands of our countrymen to visit these these pavilions. Seeing is believing.

Industrial exhibitions provide an excellent medium of advertisement of industrial products and a popular counter for their sale.

They can also give Indian industrialists and opportunity of studying up-to-date techniques of production as followed in other countries and of considering what adaptations and improvements, if any, are required to make them suitable for Indian conditions.

➽ Such exhibitions are also instrumental in putting through a good deal of business by the sale of plant and machinery.

Business contacts established through transactions may lead to bigger business deals in future.

Such fairs and exhibitions give us an idea of the countries to which we may usefully turn for the necessary equipment's and technical assistance in the development of heavy industries through our successive Five-Year plans.

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➽ Of course, not our entire population scattered over the length and breadth of India, not all or most of the student of India can visit Industrial exhibitions which are of such supreme importance to the progress and development of India.

But these fairs and exhibitions can be filmed, and millions all over the country can see them or catch glimpses of them on the screen.

The great goings-on in our country and other countries can thus be shown in every school and college, in every city, town and village.

Just as nature is a fair or an exhibition of the play of life and energy in nature so the life and energy of a nation or many nations can be seen at play in Industrial fairs and exhibitions.

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