Atoms For Peace | Brief Essay

Atoms For Peace | Brief Essay

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Atoms For Peace Brief Essay

Atoms For Peace | Brief Essay
➽ In the legend of the churning of the ocean of the universe (bhawasagar), we are told that one of the objects which came to the surface was poison. It was feared that the universe would be destroyed. So Vishnu advised the gods and the demons to take the poison to Shiva, the lord of death and destruction, who would drink it and save the universe. And Shiva drank the poison. Shiva the destroyer became Shiva the savior.

➽ The title of the essay makes us call to mind the above mentioned legend. Atomic fission is associated in our mind with total destruction . But this is so only in the case of war. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were totally destroyed, each by one atom bomb. Hydrogen bombs can destroy whole countries and continents. There will be a global chain reaction as a consequence of the dropping of a few hydrogen bombs in countries separated by distances of thousands of miles.

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➽ But atomic energy can also be used with tremendous advantage for peaceful puroses as well. Deserts of dust or ice can be turned into smiling lands rich with colourful vegetation. It may also be possible to cure painful and hitherto incurable diseases. The world's food problem may be solved by increasing the richness and the rotation of crops. National and international transport can become quicker and cheaper. The curse of poverty can be turned into the blessings of plenty and prosperity. With the help of atomic energy the average length of human life may be considerably increased.

➽ Mills and factories may get more effective and cheaper power. Princes may come down and there may be no scarcity for manufactured goods. No black-markets either. The standard of living all over the world will go up. With universal prosperity we may have one government for the world as a whole. The saying that the victories of peace are more renowned than the victories of war will receive the greatest justification. Atom the destroyer will prove to be atom the preserver and the savior.

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