Republic Day Speech 2020

Republic Day Speech 2020

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Republic Day Speech 2020
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Republic Day Speech 2020
Preamble of Indian Constitution
In our country, Republic Day is celebrated with great pomp on 26 January. This time in 2020 we are going to celebrate 71st Republic Day.

Today I have brought for you the Republic Day speech of 26 January. Republic Day Speech 2020 In English.

The President of our country gives a speech on Republic Day. He also hoists the tricolor and wishes Republic Day to all countrymen.

Republic Day speeches are also given in our school. In school, teachers give speeches and some smart children are invited to give speeches.(Republic Day Speech 2020)

All the children in the school observe Republic Day with great pomp in school. Today I have brought here for you 'Best Republic Day Speech In English, 26 January Speech In English'.(Republic Day Speech 2020)

Here I am going to give you many speeches (Republic Day Speech) which will be useful for both teacher and student. You can read the speech written below and you can write whatever you like and you can also speak it as per your light.(Republic Day Speech 2020)

Let us talk a little bit about when and why Republic Day is celebrated.(Indian Republic Day Speech 2020)
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Must Share (your friends) - Republic Day Wishing Script

Why is Republic Day celebrated?

Republic Day is a national festival of India, it is celebrated every year on 26 January. Because on 26th January 1950, the Constitution of India was implemented by removing the Government of India Act.

The Constitution was adopted by the Constituent Assembly of India on 26 November 1949 to become an independent republic and to establish the rule of law in the country and was implemented on 26 January 1950 with a democratic government system.(Republic Day Speech 2020)

Speech for Republic Day 26 January

Here I present you the speech for 26 January. According to your requirement, choose one of these speeches.

Speech is being given here for both the student and the teacher, you can use it freely.(Republic Day Speech 2020)

Hello everyone / good morning,

My name is Awadhesh Prasad, I am a 10th standard student. Wish you all a very happy Republic Day. Today I want to tell you something.(Republic Day Speech 2020)

Honorable Principal, teacher and my dear co-readers: Wish you all a very happy Republic Day.(Republic Day Speech 2020)

Today we have gathered here to celebrate 71st Republic Day. This auspicious day is celebrated all over the country. But it has special importance in schools.

Because in future, the youth of the country have to lead the country.(Republic Day Speech 2020)

Only the children studying in schools will later become leaders. We can become a good citizen and a good leader only by following the path given by our teacher.(Republic Day Speech 2020)

We take a pledge every morning that we are all Indian brothers and sisters.(Republic Day Speech 2020)

But it is a pity that we grow up forgetting the pledge made in our childhood and after getting misled by some people, we start quarreling in the name of caste-religion.

We forget the things taught by our teacher that our country is unity in diversity. Despite having unity in diversity, our country is very beautiful.(Republic Day Speech 2020)

You people know that if our country is compared to heaven, does it not become our duty to make the future of our country bright. My dear brothers and friends, we have to work hard for this.(Republic Day Speech 2020)

We have to consider the suggestion made by our parents and teachers. It has to be followed.(Republic Day Speech 2020)

We not only have to score in the exam, but we also have to follow the values ​​and ethics that we are taught in schools.(Republic Day Speech 2020)

So come this morning, on the occasion, we all wished for a beautiful future for our India and spoke together.(Republic Day Speech 2020)

Jai Hind ! Jai Bharat

26 January Speech

In this speech we have explained why we celebrate Republic Day.(Republic Day Speech 2020)

I would like to say my morning greetings to my esteemed headmaster, teacher and all my classmates.(Republic Day Speech 2020)

As we all know that we have gathered here to celebrate the 71st Republic Day of our nation. This is a very auspicious occasion for all of us.(Republic Day Speech 2020)

Since 1950, we celebrate Republic Day with lot of joy and happiness every year. Before the start of the festival, our chief guests hoist the national flag of the country.(Republic Day Speech 2020)

After this we all stand and sing the national anthem which is a symbol of unity and peace of India. Our national anthem is written by the great poet Rabindranath Tagore.(Republic Day Speech 2020)

Our national flag has a circle in the middle with three colors and 24 equal matchsticks. All three colors of the Indian national flag have their own meaning. The saffron color at the top shows the strength and courage of our country. The white color in the middle indicates peace while the green color at the bottom indicates growth and prosperity.(Republic Day Speech 2020)

In the center of the flag is a navy blue colored circle with 24 equal matchsticks which represents the Dharma Chakra of the great King Ashoka.(Republic Day Speech 2020)

We celebrate Republic Day on 26 January because the Indian Constitution came into existence on this day in 1950 itself.

In the Republic Day celebration, a big event is organized by the Government of India at Rajpath in New Delhi in front of India Gate.(Republic Day Speech 2020)

A large exhibition of Indian culture and tradition is also shown by different states to demonstrate unity in diversity in India.(Republic Day Speech 2020)


I have given you speech samples for 26 January 2020 today. You can edit this speech according to your own and speak for 'Republic Day Speech 2020 In English.

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