Raja Ram Mohan Roy Short Story

Raja Ram Mohan Roy Short Story

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RajaRamMohanRoy Short Story

Raja Ram Mohan Roy Short Story
Raja Ram Mohan Roy , Image Source : Commons Wikipedia
           We rightly honor the great men of our own generation. But we should not fail to remember our great men of an earlier generation.

Raja Ram Mohan Roy was such a great man. He is one of the most eminent builders of modern India.

The work which he did and to which he gave central importance was the cleansing and the reforming of Hinduism. For this purpose he founded the Brahmo Samaj.

           The Brahmo Samaj took its inspiration from the Upanishads. It fought against idolatry, polytheism, superstition, evil customs, caste, early marriage, dowry and enforced widowhood.

Raja Ram Mohan Roy Waged a tireless campaign against the Sati system which was rather common a hundred years ago.
Raja Ram Mohan Roy Short Story
Raja Ram Mohan Roy Statue, Image Source : Commons Wikipedia

          The Brahmo Samaj won the sympathy and the support of a very large number of educated Indians particularly in Bengal.

Among the shining figures of the Brahmo Samaj can be counted such men as Rabindranath Tagore, his father Maharshi Devendranath Tagore, other illustrious members of the Tagore family, Keshava Chandra Sen and many other luminaries of Bengal.

          Raja Ram Mohan Roy combined in himself the best culture of India, the best culture of Islam and the best culture of Europe.

The spirit of Sanskrit literature, of English literature, and of Persian literature, of all of which he was an enlightened student, made up his personality.

         The enlightened thought and outlook not only of modern Bengal but of modern India owed not a little to the inspiration of the life and work of Raja Ram Mohan Roy.

The modern awakening in India is very largely the result of his pioneering work. His voice is the voice of the dawn of modern India.

His speeches and writings opened the eyes of our countrymen a hundred years ago, and they can do immense good even today to receptive readers.

In these speeches and writings can be seen the birth of a new India. ram Mohan Roy is a prophet of new India. He represents the finest tradition of an enlightened humanism. From him we learn the religion of humanity.

He liberalized and illumined Indian religious thought. From him we learn that India and the world need less of religion in the restricted sense and more of spirituality.

He went to England to plead the cause of the last Mughal Emperor. He died in England, where we can still see his memorial.