Munshi PremChand - Great storyteller

Munshi PremChand - Great storyteller

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Munshi PremChand - He was a great storyteller
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Munshi PremChand

➤ Almost all readers of short stories and novels have read the writings of Premchand. Many of his short stories have been done into other languages.

Films and television serials have also been made on his novels and short stories. His works are very well known in even Japan and Russia.

In India itself he is rightly considered as a top-ranking writer in Urdu and Hindi. He was a great storyteller.

➤ Munshi PremChand was born in a village called Lambi near Varanasi. He belonged to a lower middle-class family.

His boyhood and youth were marked by the severest poverty.

➤ After passing his High School Examination he became a teacher. Then he became a Sub-Deputy Inspector of Schools.

As a young man he began writing short stories and novels. These became immediately popular.

Nationalism and patriotism as well as an appealing humanism gave life to his writings.

➤ He wrote both in Hindi and in Urdu but began his writing career with Urdu. He became deservedly famous as an Urdu and a Hindi writer.

His voice was a new voice in Indian literature. He made children and grown up people thoughtful and moved them emotionally by his stories.

He brought literature from isolated circles to the life and labours of the Indian people. India was presented in the sincerest and most living way in his writings.

➤ About fifty years ago the work done in one Indian language was not known to the readers of other Indian languages.

Munshi Premchand's work broke down these barriers. He became, along with a very few great writers, an all-India figure in Indian literature.

No other writer of Urdu and Hindi had been translated into so many Indian languages. Munshi Premchand was the first Hindi and Urdu writer to be so translated.

And his works have also been translated in many other languages of the world.

➤ When Mahatma Gandhi started his Freedom Movement, Munshi Premchand gave up government service and started as a publisher of his own writings.

The last one dozen years of his writing career were marked by great hardship. He has given to India about one hundred immortal stories and some outstanding novels.

Most of us have read his Seva Sadan, Premashram, Rangabhumi and Godan. These are landmarks in the history of Indian literature.

Munshi Premchand's name is an unforgettable name in Indian literature.