Short Essay on Hockey Match : National Game of India

Short Essay on Hockey Match : National Game of India

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Short Essay on Hockey Match : National Game of India

short essay on hockey match and national game of india


  • Introduction
  • Teams between which the match was played
  • Game before the half time
  • Game after the interval
  • Conclusion

         Hockey has been the international game now-a-days. It is considered as the standard game. But originally it is an Indian game. It has been being played in India for hundreds of years. In hockey both the teams have eleven players each like football team. There is also a ball in this play. This game is 60 minutes.  Most of the rules and manners are like those of football. But the difference is that football is played with feet while the hockey is played with hockey stick. The father of Hockey game  is called Major Dhyan Chand.

          Last year in the month of March at the time of Holi we thought to play hockey match. We sent the captain of our team to the captain of Government Inter College. Both the captains decided to play the match friendly. They decided to play the match in stadium. Both the teams reached the playground in time. They were in their uniforms. The team of the Government Inter College was dressed in white socks and red shirt. Our team was dressed in red socks and white shirts.

          The referee whistled and the match started. The players of the Government Inter College team took the ball to the opposite side several times. But our team was also not weak. The match went on. Each player tried his best to score a goal against the opposite team. But none was successful in his attempt.

        After the interval the game started again. The players of Government Inter College team changed the method of their game. They played with short passes. From the very beginning the team of Government Inter College took the lead. Its captain Anil De got the ball. He passed it to another player, Roshan who hit it so hard that the goal keeper of our team could not check it. Thus he scored a goal.

         Our team tried its best to score a goal but it could not. The time was over. The spectators congratulated the winning team. Everyone praised the captain and players of the team. On the other hand we were depressed. Though our team was not weak. It was just a chance that the opposite team succeeded in scoring a goal. Our game teacher was consoling us saying that we should prepare for another match. Though we did not succeed in scoring any goal to the Government Inter College team, even then I enjoyed the match very much. It was really a very exciting match. All the players of both the teams were friends, so we were not very much depressed.

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