Rising Prices in India - Cause of Price Rise - Effect on People - Short Essay

Rising Prices in India - Cause of Price Rise - Effect on People - Short Essay

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Rising Prices in India - Cause of Price Rise - Effect on People - Short Essay

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Rising Prices in India


  • Introduction
  • Causes of rising prices
  • Artificial shortage
  • Natural problem
  • Conclusion
          Rising prices are the major problem of our country. The price-rise has been the regular future of our country. Sometimes the government rises the price at the time of budget, after March. Sometimes things go underground. People have to buy them in the black market. They have to pay higher prices for the things. The regular price rise, without any check breaks the back-bone of common people. The government or public sector rises the salary or dearness allowances of its staff. But the common people who are not servants either in the government or in public sector have to suffer much

          There are many reasons of price-rise. Sometimes the production goes down. Sometimes the production is not enough to meet the demand of the people. If the supply is short and demand is great, naturally prices of the things will rise. Sometimes the material cost is high so the production cost will also go up.

          Sometimes the shortage of the material in the market is artificial. On many occasions people have to suffer on account of the faulty distribution system. The businessmen show false shortage of things. Thus the people are exploited.

          Another cause for price-rise is the fast growing population of India. The production cannot grow accordingly. So there is a gap between the demand and the supply of things. In the field of agriculture the fields of cultivation are being lesser every year. A large part of the field is being used for housing purpose every year. So the agricultural production is lessened due to the growing population. In such cases the shortage are real and natural.

          But rising prices must be checked. The government and the public should try to raise production. The provision of a fair distribution should be made. Black-Marketers and hoarders should be severely punished. The number of fair price shops should be raised. Every effort should also be made  for checking population growth.

          The price-rise is a great evil of our society. It makes the poor poorer. The gap between rich and poor is growing day by day. So the price-rise should be checked at any cost. It is the demand of the hour.
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