Mother : Who always think about your future

Mother : Who always think about your future

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 Mother : Who always think about your future
Mothers : Who always think about your future
The woman is wearing a saree in the picture


  • Her name and personality
  • Her dress and habits
  • Her domestic duties
  • Reasons of liking her
My mother’s name is Mrs Saraswati Devi. She is very tall and smart. She is fair healthy and beautiful. She always thinks about us. It seems as if her whole existence is for her children. She knows only so sacrifice her all for her children. Her subject is the children. Her worship is the welfare of the children. Whatever she does, she does only for the welfare of the children. She can never think anything else except her children or their concern.

          She wears a beautiful printed rose coloured saree in which she appears goddess Durga. She gets up early in the morning. She sweeps the whole house. There is no trace of dirt in my house. She washes all the utensils. She goes in the kitchen. She cleans the whole kitchen. After that she goes to take bath. Wearing a cotton saree she goes in the kitchen to cook our breakfast and meal. She makes ready everything timely. She also takes care of everybody’s taste.

          My mother is a housewife. She always thinks about the welfare of the whole family. She is cent-percent involved in the domestic work. She is always conscious the requirements of every member of the family. My father remembers only his office. What he wears at the time of office, what dress he wears at home, which tie he puts on in the office—these all are to be thought by my mother. She polishes everyone’s shoes in the morning. She presses the dresses of all. She also keeps the whole account of milk, newspaper etc. The milkman never asks my father to clear his account. She also buys the dresses for all from the market. There is a maid-servant of about fifteen. She assists my mother in her work. She is very honest and dedicated to her duties. My mother loves her as her own daughter. Whenever my mother goes to buy clothes for us, she buys the similar clothes for the maid-servant also. Whenever she demands for extra money my mother never refuses. She has bought some books for the maid-servant. At the time of leisure she also teaches her.

          I like my mother more than anything in the world. I find all pleasure in her lap. She is Durga, Laxami and Saraswati for me. I cannot imagine any woman more dedicated and loving than my mother. My mother is only the mother like the earth. She enjoys to sacrifice her all for her children.

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