Essay on Terrorism : Types of terrorism | What is Political Terrorism?

Essay on Terrorism : Types of terrorism | What is Political Terrorism?

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Essay on Terrorism : Types of terrorism | What is Political Terrorism?
Picture of Osama Bin Laden
Picture of Osama Bin Laden

Indian Airline Flight 814 Hijack Picture with Taliban Terrorist
Indian Airline Flight 814 Hijack Picture with Taliban Terrorist


  • Introduction and Types
  • Political Terrorism
  • Brain behind them
  • Terrorism in India
  • How to stop it
          Terrorism means to terrorise the people by creating fear and panic among the people. It is a worldwide problem. In every field of the society or government the terrorism has been spread. Terrorism is not confined only to a certain town or village, but it has risen all over India on different levels. Some terrorists are local. Their interests are confined to their own mini interests. They terrorise people in order to get money. They fire usually in the air to create fear so that they may rob them without any obstruction. They kidnap the people in order to take huge money by way of ransom. Their motive is not to kill the people. Sometimes they kill people accidentally or to save their own life.
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          Political terrorism is very dangerous. Political terrorists are not the self confined terrorists. They work under the guidance of some big politicians. They earn money. They also make the people think if they do not win the election they will not let the people lead peaceful life. The political terrorism is with a big purpose. If they terrorise the people, they may have the bigger political purpose. They indulge in senseless killings and violence on a large scale. They hijack planes to terrorise government or to lay emphasis on the government of some other countries to accept their undue demand. They try to kill eminent people who may create obstructions in achieving them their mission. They also kill innocent men, women and children to create terror and panic in the society. The terrorism in Kashmir is the political terrorism. Pakistan wants to terrorise India by creating panic. The terrorism of Punjab and Assam or Naxal(Naxalite) movement are also the political terrorism but they are on national or regional level. The terrorism supported by other countries are supplied arms by those countries. They also train up the people. The plans are knit and executed by those countries.

          Terrorism, in fact is not the thing of a simple man. Big brains of big politicians or anti-social elements who are great enemies of humanity are behind them. The terrorism on large scale are executed by the people of millions. It requires a huge investment.

          The terrorism of Assam or South Bihar is the terrorism of name. The damage of such terrorism is regional. The caste system, communalism and religion are the reasons behind the terrorism. The terrorists may loot the banks or wealthy men. But they all are not motivated by big powers. Their purpose is confined on short-slightness. Palestinian terrorism, Lebanon terrorism are the bigger terrorism. Many organizations are working to remove terrorism like U .N .O.  This organization has also inspired many countries to eliminate terrorist.

          In our country terrorism is a great hurdle in the progress. In Kashmir, Punjab, Assam, Tamil Nadu terrorism is rising its head and spoiling the peace of the country. The Naxal movement, the terrorism on the basis of castes and communities in Bihar cannot make nation wide damage. They are regional and local damage.

          Terrorism must be checked at any cost. It is the duty of every citizen of India to help the police or the government in removing the terrorism. If all the citizens begin to realize their responsibility, the terrorism will definitely be removed.

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