What is Essay Writing? : Types of Essay Writing : How to Write a Good Essay? - Essay Books 4 U Essay Books 4 U

What is Essay Writing? : Types of Essay Writing : How to Write a Good Essay?

What is Essay Writing?

What is an Essays ? - What is Essays Writing ? - Types of Essays Writing - Types of Essays - The most important tip for good Essays Writing
What is an Essay?

What is Essay Writing? - Essay writing is a very suitable and excellent tool for mental development of students. In this writing, you have to express your thoughts, mental level and experience. Imagination, knowledge and unity have to be developed. Adequate knowledge of the material is very important for this writing. How to make it interesting and how to arrange ideas in order, you have to think in your mind. This art can be developed only by regular practice.

Types of Essay Writing

There are three types of essay writing-

  • Beginning or Introduction
  • Body or Explanation
  • Conclusion
  • Beginning or Introduction : This section of the essay is not very large. In this part, the definition or introduction of the topic is given. The purpose is to introduce the important fact of Essay. This is the framework of the entire essay.
  • Body or Explanation : This section of the essay is a little bigger. It has a detailed account of the contents of the essay. You can describe your information in this. You can also describe what someone else has said. Quotation is described in this section.
  • Conclusion : The third and final part of the essay is mentioned in this section. This is a summary of the entire essay. The main points are clearly described in this. This is an important part of the whole essay. 

Types of Essay / Classification of Essay

There are four types of essay-

  1. Descriptive Essay
  2. Reflective Essay
  3. Narrative Essay
  4. Argumentative Essay
  • Descriptive Essay : Descriptive essay describes an event, travel festival or adventure. 
  • Reflective Essay : This type of essay is mainly based on imagination. Expressing your opinion by an interesting event or expressing your opinion directly is include  in such essays.
  • Narrative Essay : In such essays you can express your thoughts through a story. Or you can write a moral idea in such an essay. 
  • Argumentative Essay : In such essays, the author can write his thoughts based on criticism or truth. 

The Most Important Tips For Writing a Good Essay or  How to Write a Good Essay?

  • The essay should have your own thoughts, experience and language. By repeating the words of others, not only will the quality of your essay be inferior but you will also be deprived of the benefit of the purpose with which the essay is written.
  • For essay writing it is necessary to have Unity of thoughts and coherence. Unity of thoughts means that ideas should be expressed clearly and sequentially. And Coherence is related to the uniformity and interestingness of language. Knowledge of grammar and words is necessary for this. Here are some linking words and phrases that you can use in your essay writing.
Linking Words : and, or, but, yet, also, now, then, soon, later, still, unless, until, however, therefore, because, nevertheless, first, next, last, finally, lastly, secondly, former, formerly, before, after, meanwhile, however, moreover, accordingly, otherwise, consequently etc.

Phrases : Summing up, to sum up, in conclusion, in brief, as a result, on the other hand, on the contrary etc.

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