The Postman : He is very useful for society

The Postman : He is very useful for society

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The Postman : He is very useful for society

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  • Introduction
  • His dress
  • His education
  • His work and usefulness
  • His salary
  • His general condition
          The postman is a government servant. He is very useful for society. Everybody waits for him eagerly at noon. He brings new messages, pleasures and money for the people. As soon as the people see him riding his bicycle or coming on foot they become happy and begin to watch him curiously for letters, parcels and money-orders.

          A postman, generally, puts on a khaki uniform. He wears a bhakti shirt and trousers. Sometimes he puts on a cap. A village postman often wears kurta and dhoti. He has a bag hanging on his shoulder in which he keeps letters, parcels and money-orders etc. He is not a highly educated man. He simply knows how to read and write. He can read English. Hindi and Urdu.

          A postman’s work is very hard. He has to go on his duty, whether it  be rain or sunshine. He does not have any meaning of the chilly cold and unbearable sun. He goes to the post-office in the morning. He sorts out letters and then puts seal on them. He keeps all the letters, parcels and money-orders of his area in the bag and goes to deliver them. He goes from door to for. He is a very honest man. Sometimes, specially, in the villages, he has to read the letters. Sometimes he also writes the letters of the illiterate persons. He brings money-orders, parcels and letters to the people. He does not cheap anyone.

          His salary is meager. He is a low-paid government servant. So he meets the expenses of his family with great difficulty. He always lives from hand to mouth.

          A postman is very useful to the our society. But he has to work very hard. He does his duty with great care and attention. He gets only a few holidays. He is an idea servant of the people. We should 
help and respect him. The government also should raise his  salary.

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