Science : A Blessing or A Curse : How Science is a Boon for Humans? : Essay

Science : A Blessing or A Curse : How Science is a Boon for Humans? : Essay

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Science : A Blessing or A Curse : How Science is a Boon for Humans? : Essay

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Blessing of Science


  • Introduction
  • Science is a blessing
  • Curse
  • Conclusion
          Everything around us is the gift of science. Even the natural phenomena have become to be guided by science. In the agricultural field also we see the developed crops. This is the gift of science. Nature has provided us the crops but science has changed their form and amount. In agriculture several methods of science are applied. Different manures and pesticide are used to find developed crops in huge amount. The Nature has provided us flowers, but the man cultivates them in his garden in scientific method which made them very beautiful and arranged. So we are the slaves of science. We cannot go out of its sphere.

          Science is a blessing for human being. It is science which has created a great gulf between human being and other animals. In our bed room everything is the gift of science. The bed sheet, the bed, television, radio, dressing table, looking glass--all are the gift of science. In kitchen, gas stove, gas, hot pot, freeze, filter, pressure cooker, water container and system of tap water--all are the gift of science. Sitting in our bed we can hear the news of the world on our radio. We can see what is happening in the world on television. We can operate the television through remote sitting in our bed. We can talk to our friends or relatives living thousands of kilometers away from us sitting in our room on telephone. We can also have mobile telephone through which we can talk to any person of any distance while we are on the way. We can solve even the most difficult problem on the computer. We can gather the world wide information on internet. We can cover the distance of thousands of miles in a short time through railways or aeroplanes. The science has made the whole world compact and small. The most impossible task has been possible because of science. So science is a blessing in every respect.
          As we know every coin has two sides. Every action is equal and opposite to the reaction. Every life giver medicine has also reaction or side action. In the way science which blessings are innumerable and infinite has also the disastrous and destructive force in the same respect. The electricity which runs many factories and changes the darkness not of a night but also of life may prove very dangerous to the life if any short circuit occurs or if a man is struck by its current. The nuclear achievement through which many factories run. It is also helpful in giving life in medical science. But if one tries to misuse it, it may destroy the whole world within a few minutes. The medical surgical operation which saves the life of the patient may bring death due to a minor fault. The medicines which save life from certain incurable diseases make the body medicated if they are used regularly. It becomes too difficult to live without medicine. A certain stage comes when no medicines act on the body. So science may also be proved curse if it is not used properly in the life.

           Finally science is the developed form of sense. It must be applied with sense. If it is applied blindly it may be injurious. The fault in its use may bring disaster. The bad intension may bring a huge destruction. If you use it properly, science will prove to be a boon for you all. It may also be curse if you mishandle it or use it with bad intension.

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