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31. Patriotism

Patriotism of India
Indian Patriotism


  • Introduction
  • A true patriot
  • A false patriot
  • Reward of the patriotism
  • Conclusion
          Patriotism means to live and die for the interest of the country. A patriot is the true lover of his country. The welfare of the country and its people is the foremost duty of a patriot. Every country produces such type of persons. The freedom and development of the country are based on such type of people. The all round progress of the country is based on the number of the patriots living in it. We all are indebted to our motherland. We are blessed who were born in a country like India. So we all are responsible for the independence and progress of the country. If we are honest, our country will be prosperous and rich. In the world it will have its men recognition. Honesty to our duties and sacrifice of our rights should be considered as the primary responsibility of our life. It is the first step of the patriotism.
          A true patriot does more than the primary responsibility. He never cares for his life and assets. He is always ready to sacrifice his life and all for his country. His life is not confined to his own interest or to his family. He always thinks for the country and the people residing there. The national interest is above all his own. The rulers and the political parties must have the feeling of patriotism. If they do not think about the interest of the country, the progress of the country is beyond the imagination.

          Now-a-days, specially in India very a few persons are true patriot. The rulers and the politicians, all, think for their own welfare. They try to fill their own pockets. Whatever they do for the country, their aim is always confined to a definite goal of getting votes in the election. They have no pain and love for the country. They are false patriots. They are selfish. They think for their selfishness and treat others with cruelty. But they throw big things in front of the public and do nothing.

          A true patriot is respected and even worshipped by the country men. His feeling is confined not to his country but to the whole world. he thinks for the human interest. Mahatma Gandhi was the ideal not only for Indians but for the human being. Subhash Chandra Bose, Bhagat Singh, Chandra Shekhar Azad were the patriots who sacrificed their lives happily for the interest of the country. Among the ancients were Maharana Pratap, Shivaji, Rani Laxmi Bai, Veer Kunwar Singh and others. A patriot is bold and tearless in the face of even death.

          The fate of the country and the world depends on the patriots. If the number of patriots increases in a country, that country will be star in the world. The patriots never think only for their country and its people but they also think for the whole world and human race. Patriotism should be such that it is good for the human race.

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