If I Were the Prime Minister of India

If I Were the Prime Minister of India

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28. If I Were the Prime Minister of India

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          Sometimes I begin to think about my country. I see so many things which are not running in satisfactory way. I always think to see the mismanagement in the offices, railways, schools and colleges. There is no importance of time. Train also runs unusually late. In the offices officials do not work properly. they expect undue advantage of the work which they do in the offices. In schools and colleges politics is played in stead of paying heed towards studies. All these things disturb me. I begin to think to make everything regular. i have a dream to bring back the past glory of our country. But I am not in a position to bring everything on the right track. Sometimes I am lost in a day dream. I think if I were the Prime Minister of India, I might be able to fulfill my dream to bring back the past glory of our country.

          Education is the back-bone of any country. Education makes a man able. He comes in a position to understand what is right and what is wrong. He realises the need of the country. He is awared with his responsibility. He utilizes his time in a better way. Though our government is trying to improve the condition of the education. But if I were the Prime Minister I might pay much attention toward education. I might spend 65% of the total income on the education by introducing the scientific methods of education, Now-a-days in foreign countries distant education is available through internet. And this technology is also happening in countries like India, but this technology is reaching only very few people. I would try to fix this problem.

          Our country has achieved an important place in the world. the slogans of peace, brotherhood and non-violence were raised from our country. My dream is to see my country as a star in the world.
The whole world is disturbed. There are the clouds of war over the world. India has been the lover of peace and non-violence. If I were the Prime Minister of India, my foreign policy would be in keeping with India's culture and tradition in the whole world so that the world should get rid of fear, hatred and jealousy.
          The economy of India should be sound. It is a poor country. About 75% of our population lives in villages and depends on agriculture. To make our country economically sound we have to improve our agricultural system. Farmers should be provided all the facilities of agriculture. They should also be trained. The rate of rising population should come down.

          The whole world is running after the science and technology. This is the age of science and technology. The country which is developing in science and technology can be the start in the world. All these would happen if I were the Prime Minister of India.

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