Freedom of Press

Freedom of Press

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Freedom of Press



  • Introduction
  • Need for its freedom
  • Obstacles to its freedom
  • Economic freedom of people
  • Conclusion
          Freedom of press means the freedom of newspaper. A newspaper is the mirror of the society, culture and economy of the country. It should not run under the influence of the government or the big businessmen. Actually a newspaper checks the monopoly and dictatorial attitude of the government or the big businessmen. It is an important link between the government and the people, the workers and the industrialists. It has a capacity to create movement by exposing the demerits of the government. It controls the governmental politics. Even the most powerful government takes note of public opinion as reflected in a free press. The press plays an important role in a democratic society.
          A press reflects the social picture. If a press is free, only then it can give the true reflection of the society. If it is run by the government it will always speak of in favour of the government. If it is run by a big businessman, it will be used for his purpose. Power and money makes the management irresponsible. In that case an independent press is a powerful check on its policies. It brings to the notice of the people acts of injustice done by the government. The newspaper criticizes anti people deeds of the administration. Thus the freedom of press is very essential for fair democratic administration of a country.
          The main problem of the press to be free is its ownership. The press cannot run under the control of the poor. It is a costly affair. So it is run by big businessman, politician or government. They all use the press to serve their own purpose. Businessmen try to make their newspaper very popular so that they may earn money. They try to publish the advertisement more and more. They order their editor to publish the interesting news so that the sale of the newspaper may raise. Politicians try to highlight the policies of their party through the newspaper. The government tries to censor the bad news. Thus the press has to run under the influence of someone. In the U.S.A. the press is run by financial syndicates. In England it is under the control of the capitalists. In Russia and China the press is run under the control of the government. Thus the and China the press is run under the control of the government. Thus the freedom of the press is affected,. Economic freedom is necessary to make the press free. The press is the chief medium to represent the need of the people to the government. If the press is not free, it cannot be possible for it to reflect the truth. The Editor of the newspaper should be bold, fearless and of independent mind. He can write the truth if he is fearless.

          The freedom of press is very essential to make the society cultured and happy.

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