Family Planning : Rate of Population Growth in India : Population of India

Family Planning : Rate of Population Growth in India : Population of India

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Family Planning : Rate of The Population Growth in India : Population of India

Rate of Population Growth in India
Rate of Population Growth in India
Population of China, India, United State
Population of China, India, United State


  • Introduction
  • India's population
  • Problems of food and employment
  • Population
  • Conclusion
          Family planning is a system to check the growth of population which has been the vital problem in our country. The population of India is so large that India is considered second only to China in population. The large population causes so many problems. The problems of food, employment, medical aid and residence are the result of the large population in India. Even the social and economic problems are caused by over-population. Family planning has been implemented by the government to check this growth of population which has exceeded more than thousand million.

          India is a very big country. Naturally its population is also very large. It is growing day by day rapidly. Only in Bihar a child is born every fourteen seconds. India's over population is the root cause of many problems. A major part of the wealth which may be used in the development work, is used on food an medicine. Our country is poor because of over population. We have a large family today. We may have a larger family tomorrow. It is a problem for the head of the family. It is a big problem of the country, too. The government has to arrange for food. It has to spend more on education. It needs to set up more hospitals. It has to look after children because they are the future citizens of the country. The larger is the population, the bigger is the job problem.

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          No government can solve it easily. The government tries to improve the job opportunity. It also opens new industries and projects so that maximum people may be absorbed. But the population grows faster. Thus the problem of employment is taking a serious turn. More and more schools and colleges are established, still the problem of admission of the students is not solved. The number of students for admission in any institution is over-crowded. The number of hospitals is also increased still it cannot be proved enough for such a large population. The growing fields are being used for residential purpose. More and more houses and apartments are being built on growing lands. So the fields for agriculture are gradually lessened. In this way the rising population has been creating many problems so it must be checked.

         Currently the human population in India has crossed 136 crores. And we hope that this data will be crossed from China in the coming 5 to 6 years. The current population in China is 173 crores. This number is about 4 times that of these countries in The United State of America. Around 280 babies are born every minute in the world. 18% of it is born in India. That means 34 children are born every minute in India. The state where I live is Bihar. Here 4 children are born every minute. That is, a child is born every 15 seconds. I believe that giving birth to more children causes unemployment because they are always seen in India but it is also not an important reason for being unemployed. Because if it were, the unemployment rate in China would have been much higher. In a country like India, there is no shortage of gods, but lack of intelligence. Because the government does not pay much attention to it. And this is because the government throws a big mouth before the election, but after the election, the padding of the notes gets stuck in their body.

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       The government has introduced Family Planning to check the over-growing population. At the family planning centres or in the hospitals the medicines or condoms are distributed free of costs. In the medical shops also these are available on cheap rates. there are many provisions of operation, tubelization etc. to check the population. A few years ago it was a popular slogan--two children of a marriage couple. Now it has been-one child of a marriage couple. The government is spending a huge amount of money on family planning. We should help the government by making it the part of our life.

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